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Tenant Information Form - Tenant Occupancy

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1. Tenant Information

Are there any additional tenants?

2. Property Information

3. Declaration

I (We) declare that:

  1. I (We) are the Tenant(s)/Occupant(s) of the property at the above noted service address.
  2. I (We) acknowledge that we are responsible to pay, jointly and severally, all water & sewer bills when they are due for the above noted service address for the period I(we) are tenants/occupants.
  3. I (We) understand that the City of Brantford will pursue all its legal remedies against me (us) to collect any unpaid balances outstanding on my (our) account.
  4. I (We) acknowledge that we are responsible to notify the City of Brantford of all tenant(s), occupant(s), and/or any tenancy changes.
  5. I (We) understand that the City of Brantford may require a minimum security deposit as per theWater and Wastewater Billing & Collection Policy and the account will be charged a $32.00 Account Set-up / Change of Occupancy fee.
  6. I (We) agree and consent to the City of Brantford mailing late payment or collection notices to the Owner(s) of the property, and the City of Brantford may communicate to my (our) landlord the amount of the arrears on the account.
  7. I (We) agree to give the City of Brantford free access to the premises during regular business hours to allow the City to read, repair, remove and replace meters.
  8. I (We) acknowledge that the City of Brantford has the right to cut off the supply of utilities and to remove the meter or related fixture(s) whenever the bill for these utilities is in arrears, or I (we) are in breach of this agreement.
  9. I (We) agree to the City of Brantford obtaining my personal credit information, and disclosing my personal credit information to and from other lenders, credit bureaus or other credit reporting agencies.
  10. I (We) acknowledge and agree that this shall be the City of Brantford’s full and sufficient authorization to use the information supplied to assist in the collection of overdue accounts. The City of Brantford reserves the right to add a service charge (per the City of Brantford’s Fee & Charges By-law) plus the cost of running a credit report if my (our) account is in arrears.