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Owner Information Form - Tenant Occupancy

We require the Owner Information Form to be completed by the owner of the property, prior to the tenant moving in. Both the Tenant Information Form and the Owner Information Form must be completed, and received before we will establish a tenant account. The tenant must fulfill our requirements, such as paying prior accounts, and/or a security deposit.

For more information, please contact Customer Services by email or by phone at 519-756-1360.

All fields labeled with a star are mandatory and must be completed before your application may be submitted.

1. Property Owner Information

2. Account Information

3. Declaration

I (We) declare that:

  1. I (We) are the Owner(s) of the property at the above noted service address.
  2. I (We) rent the property to a tenant.
  3. I (We) request that the City of Brantford bill the tenant noted below directly at the service address for all water and wastewater charges and other related charges attributed to the above property, including penalty for overdue accounts.
  4. I (We) have read and understand my (our) responsibilities as landlord(s) for the Water and Wastewater bill at the above tenanted property as written in the Water & Wastewater Billing and Collection Policy and related by-law adopted March 29, 2016.
  5. I (We) acknowledge that the City of Brantford is not precluded from pursuing its legal remedies against the Tenant.
  6. I (We) undertake to inform the City of Brantford of all Tenant(s), Occupant(s) and/or Owner(s) changes (including address), in a timely manner.
  7. I (We) acknowledge that the utilities will be billed to me if no tenant account has been established or if the unit becomes vacant between tenants.