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Family and Income Stability - Consent for Electronic Communication (email/text)

I acknowledge that all means of communication bear risk to my privacy and may reveal my personal information to other persons. In addition to other means of contacting me, to which I have already agreed, I expressly consent to being contacted by the following electronic means; and I acknowledge that The Corporation of the City of Brantford is not responsible for any unauthorized access to my computer, telephone or accounts (including any data stored in the cloud):

Notice of Collection (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act/ (Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act): This information is collected under the legal authority of the Ontario Disability Support Program Act, 1997, sections 5,10, 45 & 46 or the Ontario Works Act, 1997, sections 7, 8, 15,57 & 58, Child Care & Early Years Act, 2014, Section 71, Subsections 1-5, Housing Services Act, 2011,Chapter 6, Schedule 1, for the purposes of determining and verifying initial and/or ongoing eligibility for assistance; and may be used for (i) the administration of social assistance programs; (ii) contacting you; (iii) City’s insurance purposes; (iv) collation of group and metadata; (v) assessment of the programs; and (vi) as otherwise permitted or required by law. Questions regarding the collection, use or disclosure of this personal information may be directed to the City’s Director, Social Assistance & Homelessness, 220 Colborne Street, Brantford, ON N3T 5R7, (519) 759-3330.