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Basement Flooding Prevention Grant Application

This is a financial assistance pilot program to help homeowners reduce the likelihood of basement flooding. To be eligible for grant assistance you must be the owner of and reside at the single-family, duplex or triplex home within the North-East Flood Remediation Study Area of Brantford where the grant is to be used. Property taxes must be paid current and your house must not still be under a new construction warranty. Furthermore, as a qualifying applicant, you must not have received a subsidy from the City of Brantford through a previous Basement Flooding Prevention Grant Program, (i.e. 2010).

Any remedial works completed prior to approval of the grant application will not be eligible for grant assistance under this program with the exception of homeowners who applied for the Residential Compassionate Flood Relief Grant Program in 2017 and completed works after August 11th, 2017. For more guidance on the application process on what is required and what to expect please see our Application Process.

1. Property & Owner Information

The personal information collected in this application is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act [10(2)(5)(7)] and is subject to disclosure under the terms of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act [28)(2)]. It will be used to determine eligibility for the Basement Flooding Prevention Grant Program. If you have any questions about this collection, please contact the Public Works Commission at 519-759-4150.

2. Contractor & Eligible Work

Obtain quotes from qualified contractors or sewer drain layers for the recommended eligible flooding prevention works. Homeowners are strongly encouraged to obtain 3 or more quotes and conduct due diligence before hiring a City of Brantford licensed contractor by obtaining references and asking questions throughout the quotation process. Successful applicants are eligible to receive 80% of the cost per individual eligible works to a maximum amount as follows:

Eligible Works
Work To Be Performed Grant Limit Amount
Basement Flooding Risk Assessment $250
Disconnection of Downspouts with Capping of Sewer Access $200
Disconnection of Weeping Tiles from sewer and reconnection to sump pump discharging to permeable surface outside with power backup $1,800
Installation of Backwater Valve $1,200
Other Remedial Works (eligibility at the discretion of the General Manager). Up to $2,000

The TOTAL maximum grant amount allowable for all work is capped at $2,000 per household. Click to find important details regarding eligible works. Where downspouts are found connected to sewer, disconnection is MANDATORY to qualify for any other grant amounts.

3. Estimate Information

An itemized quote must be submitted with your application form. Quote must list a breakdown of estimated costs for all work to be undertaken, with separate line item costs for various eligible works to be undertaken including costs of materials and labour. You have a file size limit of 10 megabystes.


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