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Request a Fire Truck Visit

Guidelines and Booking Restrictions

  1. Request must be submitted a minimum 14 days before the event using the online request form below.
  2. Brantford Fire Department fire trucks and crew are only able to attend your event as operational needs allow. This may limit the duration of our visit or cause us to miss it entirely.
  3. Brantford Fire Department crews are on duty and may have to leave to respond to an emergency during your event and may not return.
  4. The event site must provide a parking space that allows the fire truck to enter and exit quickly for emergency responses.
  5. Fire crews will generally be available at the event for up to approximately 1 hour.
  6. Fire crews will be able to provide the following at your event (while remaining near the truck):
    1. Fire and life safety information/education
    2. Information on the Brantford Fire Department
    3. Displays of emergency-response equipment
  7. The Brantford Fire Department may be available to attend the following types of events:
    1. Community events
    2. School events (fun fairs, career days)
    3. Life-learning organizations (i.e. Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, cadets)
    4. Place of worship events open to the community (i.e. family days)
    5. Community fundraisers for charity or non-profit events
  8. The Brantford Fire Department is not able to attend the following:
    1. Birthday parties
    2. Store/business sales/event and/or grand openings, etc.
    3. Private parties
    4. Political or religious services
  9. The Brantford Fire Department is not able to provide the following:
    1. Participation in actual event activities
    2. Foam for activities
    3. Water for pools or dunk tanks, etc.
    4. Rides in fire trucks
    5. Silent auction gift/bids/prizes
    6. Traffic/crowd control
The Applicant has read, understood and agree to the Guidelines and Booking Restrictions